I'm Di. Vignette, a chuuni witch-hunter from another fragment. I love Tabletop RPGs and have spent my whole life studying them. I'm streaming while waiting for the next shardpoint.Let's go and roll some dice!email: divignevtuber[at]gmail[dot]com

Name: Di. Vignette
Gender: Female
Age: 902
Birthday: August 3rd
Height: 5'8 (172.72cm)
Tabletop RPGs
Detective Mystery

F1. Never shall a hunter hesitate, for that is death.

Doubt is antithetical to decision. It is an anchor to success. A closing door only halts those afraid to cross. When a Hunter decides on an action, no matter how stupid, they chase it to the best of their ability.

F2. Flow as trapped lightning. Unpredictable; volatile.

Complacency is death. The norm is harm to creativity. Do and act in ways no one can expect. Act freely. Speak fire. Allow nothing and no one hold you back.

F3. Overwhelm and conquer—every blow must aim to kill.

Put everything into every blow. Turn your weakness into strength. no power matters more than your own.

F4. The only path is forward, never back.

There will be many failures and many misses but a hunter does not dwell. Look to the future, predict the next blow, and let your blade follow through into the witch's heart.